Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hyper Vest

The Hyper Vest by Hyper Wear is a fantastic product.  The first run I did with the vest was an hour.  The vest was awesome.  It felt like a second skin.  I next wore the vest on an extremely hilly 5 mile run.  Again the vest worked perfectly.  I found given the same workout I lost about a pound more in weight.  The next day I ran without the vest and I felt like I was flying.  Nothing like instantly loosing 5lbs.

The Pros
  • Side Slide Cords allow for a lot of adjust-ability
  • Ability to increase weight of the vest from 5lbs to 20lbs for the small and medium vests and 5lbs to 40lbs for the large and extra large vests.
  • The vest acts like a second skin once zipped up and adjusted.
The Cons
  • The vest gets a little warm on hot days. Not much you can do about this.
  • It sometimes is hard to zip the vest back up if zipped down during hard workout sessions.
What I Would Change
  • Add Slide Cords to the shoulder area for more adjust-ability.
  • Add some type of hooks to the front, which would allow the vest to be unzipped yet still secure.
My Modifications
  • None
Usuful Tips
  • Get the base model first with 5lbs. You may find that is all you need in your workouts.
Overall Evaluation
  • 9 out of 10

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